Get to know Google Home

Google Home is a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It"s your own Google, always ready to help. Just start with, "Ok Google".

About Google Home

The smart speaker developed by Google is known as Google Home. This voice activated speaker is a "Made by Google"? product. This smart speaker is introduced in the market on 4th November, 2016. Google Home setup makes use of the Google Assistant to do things. This speaker is just like the Bluetooth speaker of a desktop. This voice activated speaker enables the user to have power over some of their home aspects of their day-to-day life.
This speaker suits well for different types of interior design and also gives a contemporary look. This is nothing but a speaker. A volume control, microphone and play/pause buttons are furnished in the Google Home. The touch surface of the top right side of the speaker contains the basic speaker control. As this is a voice activated device, users can control it by simply talking to it. That is to switch on a music player user can say like "Play Pandora Radio"?.
This will enable the music player in the device. Google Home support was first announced on 2016, May. In the announcement, it is stated that Google Home is run on the basis of Google Assistant. This device makes use of the Chromecast"s software & the hardware. This supports the home automation software in the device which permits the users to take control over their products.

Google Home Features

The operating system of Google has its own integrated services. The Google Home supported devices have similar commands and features like Amazon Echo. It can support streaming through Google play, Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio. The most important software come operating system of Google Home and Google Home supported apps are Google Home intelligent personal assistant and Google Assistant. Through this, Google Assistant users can connect into two-way conversations. As this Google Home visualizes the assistant feature, sometimes it can be able to raise a sense of emotional relationship with its users.

Hi-Fi speaker.

Google Home contains an integrated high quality speaker. This will provide clear highs and deep sound.

Far-field voice recognition

With the far-field microphones and a natural language processing feature Google Home can respond to the users reliably.

Touch Controls

Google Home has a touch surface at the top. This touch surface allows users to control it. It also has a mute button which allows users to make the Google Home"s microphones in standby mode.


Google Home setup supports multiple devices. That is multiple Google Home devices can be connected to enjoy the same feature in
all rooms.


The adjustable base of Google Home allows users to customize the speaker by just twisting and turning

Google Home automation

Home automation

Home automation is the main feature of Google Home. This feature permits the owners to control the devices as a central hub. For this smart home device, Google has joined with SmartThings, Nest, IFTTT and Philips Hue. Users can connect this Google Home to a number of Home speakers without using wires. This will reach a number of rooms in the home. This technology is obtained from Chromecast. Google Home can able to control a Chromecast or Google Cast enabled device.

The Design

The height and width of Google Home are 5.62 inches and 3.79 inches. The weight is 480 grams. Google Home has a cylindrical shape and has 4 LEDs. All the LEDs are same in color like Google logo. The touch panel is at the top and users can adjust volume, control music and trigger Google Assistant with this panel.


It has the Wi-Fi chip & ARM processor. Google Home also contains dual microphones and a mute button to silent the microphone.

Google Home base

The base of Google Home is available in many colors. Users can get this base in marine, mango, violet, snow, and copper and carbon colors.

Some Important Steps to setup Google Home

Google Home voice-activated speaker will play music, set timers and spell words for your kids' homework. Here's how to set up the new one you've just received. Following are the steps to setup new Google Home
  • Connect :
    First users have to plug this into the wall. Once plugged in it will light up and looks for user"s phone. Once it is on, it always remains on. Correctly, plug in the Google Home in your Home"s wall.
  • Download Google Home app :
    Next, users have to download the Google Home app from the app store. After downloading, open the app and click on "Accept the terms and services"? and agree to switch on the location controls. Users have to ensure that they are connected to the wi-fi. This is because user"s phone will transmit the details to Google Home. After that, user has to log in with their Google account. To use Google Home, users need a Google Account. If you don"t have any Google Account, then setup a new Google Account and then register this account in the Google Home.
  • Block email notifications :
    To eliminate the spam messages users have to block the email notifications. Users have to do this for two times. Set do not allow email notifications option. This will avoid all the email notifications to the registered email address.
  • Setup Google Home :
    Then one has to click on the setup icon on the top right side corner. On clicking this will asks users to sign in and set the location of Google Home hardware. By setting this, Google Home can give information about time and local weather.
  • Link the music services :
    With Google Home users can use four music services such as YouTube, Google Play Music, Pandora and Spotify. If the user wants to get the most out of it, users need to Spotify the premium account or Google Play Music. Through this users can get their needed albums and songs. Users can be able to access only free music services. Users cannot able to access local or purchased music libraries.
  • Use steps in the tutorial :
    If the users don"t know about how to setup Google Home then they can get help from the tutorial. Users can also get help to how to use Google Home and ask their fun things from it. For example, kids can ask it about how to pronounce words at the time of doing their homework. Users can also setup some features on the Google Home. To get into the settings users can use the menu. To access the menu, tap o the three-lined symbol. This icon is at the top left hand corner of the device. After that, tap on "More settings"? to view the entire list.
  • News and My Day settings :
    Some of the users have a habit of hearing daily news and activities. This can also be possible with Google Home. This can be done by tapping on News icon and then clicking on Customize option. Through this, users can modify their news sources. Similarly, using My Day option lets the users to change some of the options of daily things.
  • Setting up of Nickname:
    One can also be able to setup their personal information in Google Home. To do this, choose "Personal Info"? menu. In that, choose "Nickname"? option. Then setup the name you want to call by Google Home. After that, Google Home will call you by this nickname.
  • Track locations and time:
    Using Google Home users can be able to know the correct time and locations. For this, users have to go to same "Personal Info"? and then select "Home & work locations"? in that. After that, enter the current address of your home or office. Ask Google Home "How long is my commute?"? It will provide the correct locations.
  • Use and Control Home Electronics with Your Google Home:
    Devices such as Philips Hue light bulbs, Chromecasts, Samsung Smart Things & Nest thermostats can be compatible with Google Home. Users can also add a new hue to the list. But for adding the device or to control the device, the corresponding device should also be on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Access Chromecast devices:
    As mentioned earlier, Google Home tech support Chromecast devices. But users need the Chromecast compatible device for access it. For example, to control a Chromecast-compatible TV plug in the Chromecast into the TV and switch on it. Tap the "devices" icon on the main screen at the top right side corner. Then setup the Chromecast. For this also, users have to link it to their Google account that is same as the Google Home. After that users can use voice control to play video or music.
  • Made your action with simple voice and touch :
    Users can control the Google Home by simply using their voice or touch. For example, to ask something of it, users can mention it by their voice. For example"?Ok Google, Play Music"? will turn on the Google music player in the device. Similarly, to adjust the volume in the device users can simply say "Ok Google, volume"? and then mention the volume limit in number. This will set the volume to the specified number.
If you need any help with setting up your Google Home, just give our Google Home Technical Support Team on Our Toll Free Number at +1-844-717-2888